low testosterone treatment

In case of overdose can be expected to more rapid development and pronounced the major side effects. Treatment low testosterone treatment is symptomatic, with obligatory use of mesna.

Interaction with other medicinal products
In an application with drugs that cause myelotoxic, neurotoxic and nephrotoxic effects may be increased side effects.
When used together with inducers of microsomal liver enzymes may increase the formation of alkylating metabolites.
In an application enhances the hypoglycemic effect of antidiabetic drugs. Allopurinol strengthens myelosuppression. Mesna reduces nephrotoxicity.
Ifosfamide may enhance skin reactions to radiation.
Simultaneous treatment with warfarin can reduce blood clotting and increase the risk of bleeding.

special instructions

  • Before treatment is necessary readjustment of foci of chronic infection and correction of possible electrolyte imbalance.
  • At the time of treatment should be regularly monitored picture peripheral blood (especially paying attention to the number of neutrophils and platelets), laboratory parameters of liver low testosterone treatment function, kidney and urine regularly for the presence of red blood cells, the appearance of which may precede the development of hemorrhagic cystitis.
  • Women and men during treatment and for 3 months after treatment with ifosfamide should use reliable methods of contraception.
  • If impairment of renal function and urinary flow rate may increase the toxic effect of the drug on the central nervous system, and therefore you may need to reduce the dose of ifosfamide.
  • To ensure the elimination of uric acid patients should consume enough fluids.
  • At the first signs of inflammation of the bladder or the appearance of blood in the urine, ifosfamide therapy should be discontinued.
  • In the treatment with ifosfamide is possible to suppress the natural defense mechanisms, the development of antibodies in the patient’s body in response to the vaccine may be reduced.
    Effects on ability to drive and use machines
    During therapy with Holoxan may experience nausea and vomiting, as well as the phenomenon of encephalopathy that It may affect the ability to drive a car or work with other mechanisms. Therefore, low testosterone treatment you should refrain from driving and other vehicles! It should also work with power tools and machinery!